Desert Island Discs

On Monday, 24th May, something a little different was scheduled instead of our rehearsals. Caritas Harmony’s version of ‘Desert Island Discs’ was introduced – starting with an interview of choir member Eunice Quinn, to discover more about her life, her love of music and her choice of 8 songs that have meant so much to her at various times of her life.

We heard about Eunice growing up in Scotland, her marriage to old school friend Tom, having a family and finally moving to Harpenden and joining Caritas Harmony in 2009.

Eunice’s discs included ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose’ sung by Kenneth McKellar – a poignant reminder of her Scottish roots and the many Burns Suppers that she attended or performed at. She also chose from the Mikado, There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast, which she performed at school with Tom as Koko and her as Katisha. Her favourite choir song was also included, Mr. Sandman, performed by the choir on their first CD.

It was a very successful evening and fascinating to hear more about Eunice’s life and the way that music has played such an important part – and still does! Thank you Eunice for a lovely evening.

by Julia Holder